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Job ID FLK-15
Experience 10 - 15 Years
Country Saudi Arabia
Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, and experience in exploring for hydrocarbons in shallow and deep marine clastic environments (glacial and submarine channel systems highly advantageous) with a strong petrophysical background. Advanced degree is preferred and will reduce pre-requisite work experience by one year for Master’s degree and two years for a PhD.  We are targeting a clastic sedimentologist with 10 - 15 years’ experience, with time spent in tight sand unconventional plays highly advantageous. We will consider candidates with more or less experience depending on the quality of their experience

The successful applicant must have strong expertise in core based sedimentological evaluation to include as a minimum: core description, core and log based facies analysis, depositional modelling, stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy, reservoir quality/diagenesis and conventional core analysis. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate excellent skills in large dataset integration and management. In addition to these skills as a clastic sedimentologist, the candidate is also expected to specialize in all aspects of image log quality control, processing and interpretation. This will include planning, supervision of data acquisition, data control issues and interpretation of petrophysical data using industry standard petrophysical software (preferably Techlog), paleoflow and high-resolution facies characterization based on integration of cores, cuttings, open-hole logs and images in single and multi-wells projects. 

Specific experience of core and borehole image interpretation in shallow marine (linear and deltaic) coastlines, glaciated margins, submarine channel systems, sediment gravity flow processes, and Lower Palaeozoic North African/Arabian stratigraphy is highly advantageous. Accustomed to providing accurate, reliable and timely core and image log interpretation in support of the decision making process. Perform and QC processing and analysis of all image logs for horizons of interest, sedimentary features, fracturing and lithology. To perform and be part of integrated studies utilizing logs, cores, geological, geophysical and production information planning, QC and integration of core data for reservoir studies. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. 
The candidate is required to have expertise in rock typing/facies analysis using core and image log data while performing sedimentological/facies core analysis;  integration and calibration of the log-based and core based results and petrophysical data; assessing mean structural dip, dip zonation, and depositional dips; differentiating the various depositional planes and depositional/sedimentary structures (types and attitudes) with emphasis on paleoflow indicators; characterizing the different facies types in individual wells relying on lithology, internal physical and biogenic structures, depositional fabric/texture and corrected depositional attitudes and interpret each facies in terms of depositional process and construct depositional models. Incorporate (microfacies) characterization including mineralogical composition, maturity, textural parameters (size, sorting, roundness, fabric and packing), diagenetic alteration/paragenesis, and pore types/distribution. 

The candidate will be working with a multidisciplinary exploration team where interpersonal and presentation skills are essential. High standards of written and spoken English is a basic requirement. Candidate will support and mentor co-workers in applying cores and image logs to sedimentological/depositional facies evaluation. The candidate is expected to develop and promote best practices in sedimentological/facies analysis of cores and logs across the unconventional resource teams and to remain abreast of latest industry trends, best practices and technologies.

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