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Transmission Technician
Job ID HAJ-007
Experience 4 - 10 Years
Country Saudi Arabia
Transmission Technician Qty: 1, SR 3300-3700

Maintenance support for all transmission equipment, such as, Fiber Optic, PCM, MW, MUX equipment, Digital Data Network (DDN equipment fault ), SDH MUX,DACS IMUX, OTN nodes , Microwave system, DWDN and fiber multiplex  equipment. Monitoring the transmission systems performance using the LCTNMS ( Local Craft Terminals Networking Management System ) and /or visual inspection and following-up Saudi Aramco and/o manufacturer procedures and steps required to repair transmission equipment.

This advertisement has been approved by the Protector of Emigrants Via permission PTN # 364963 Dated 02-10-2019 and can be viewed at the following Link: https//

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