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Job Reference ALI-403
Asssistant Maintenance Technician (Transferable Iqama)
Location Job Type Date Posted Education Experience
Saudi Arabia Permanent 03/10/2020 ITI in the field of electrical/Diplom 2 - 4 Years
Job Description

Position Summary

Ø  To assist the Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Technicians in carrying out the assigned tasks related to Transformers, Switchgears & Panels.

Major Roles & Responsibilities


Ø  Should have hands on experience in the compete field services including preventive, corrective and breakdown, testing, inspection, servicing and repair of generator and EHV power transformers, distribution transformers,  dry type transformers and rectifier transformers, neutral grounding resistors.

Ø  Should be able to independently support the technicians to carry out the inspection and testing of tap changers, inspect on load and off load changer parts and replace any defective parts.

Ø  Assist the technician in performing PM of fan motors and oil pumps, test and calibrate temperature indicators, bucholz relays, sudden pressure relays, pressure relief device, online gas monitoring system etc.

Ø  Support in the complete testing of the transformer such as turns ratio test, winding resistance, insulation power factor test of windings and bushings, IR and PI of windings, winding excitation currents suing double test equipment, testing of buchholz relays function, testing of insulating oil, testing of BCTs.

Ø  Should be able to assist the filtration services of oil for the transformers and replacement of old oil with new oil in the transformers. Experience in operating and maintaining transformer oil filter machine of capacity up to 10,000 liters per hour.

Ø  Should be able to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of dry type transformers, rectifier transformers.

Ø  Should support in the  erection, testing and commissioning oil filled transformers up to and including 133/266 MVA capacity, including installation, assembly, oil filling and filtration, testing, cable and bus duct connection, testing of interlock, alarm and protection.

Ø  Should assist the technician team to carry out the PM and CM of Ring main units such as check/repair any oil leak for switching units, oil indicating gauges, topping up oil, replacement of sealing gaskets, oil testing.


Required Work Experience


Ø  At least 2 years direct experience on maintenance and installation, erection testing/commissioning of generator and power transformers up to 735 MVA , distribution transformers, dry type transformers, rectifier transformers.


Education/Qualification Requirements

ITI in the field of electrical/Diploma


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