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Discover unparalleled document attestation services with Pakistan Progressive Associates, your gateway to streamlined, affordable verification processes. With our deep-rooted expertise in liaising with the HEC, MOFA, and embassies across Pakistan, we guarantee a seamless attestation journey for a wide array of documents. Established in 1975, our legacy is built on trust, efficiency, and professional excellence.

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Decades of Expertise

Since 1975, our seasoned professionals have mastered the attestation process, offering unmatched service quality.

Comprehensive Solutions

From educational degrees to personal certificates, we manage all types of document attestations.

Transparent and Efficient

Experience hassle-free services with our transparent processes and swift turnaround times.


Your confidentiality and satisfaction are at the core of our operations.

Language Translation Services

Providing translation services for documents required to be presented in foreign languages, adhering to international standards.

Secure Document Handling

Assurance of the utmost care and confidentiality in the handling of all documents.

Our Attestation Services

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Educational Document Attestation

Degrees, diplomas, and educational certificates attested from HEC, IBCC, and foreign embassies in Pakistan.

Personal Document Attestation

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more, authenticated for global recognition.

Commercial Document Attestation

Empowering your business to expand internationally with duly attested commercial documents.

Legal Document Attestation

From power of attorneys to affidavits, trust us to ensure your legal documents are attested as per international legal standards.

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The Attestation Process:

Provide your documents for preliminary review


We liaise with HEC, MOFA, and respective embassies for document verification.


Receive your attested documents, ready for international use.

The Attestation Process:

At PPA, we specialize in providing seamless attestation services for a variety of documents.

We Provide Document Attestation for

Key Benefits

Global Acceptance

Ensures that your documents are recognized and accepted worldwide, facilitating international education, employment, and business opportunities.

Verification of Authenticity

Attestation certifies the genuineness of your documents, crucial for legal and formal processes abroad.

Simplifies International Processes

Having attested documents streamlines visa applications, foreign university admissions, and international business registrations.

Peace of Mind

Professional attestation services relieve you of the complexities involved in the attestation process, offering convenience and reassurance.

Enhanced Security

Ensures the secure handling and processing of sensitive documents throughout the attestation procedure.

Document Attestation

We cover attestation services for all educational and personal documents mentioned below

Why Document Attestation is Essential?

Document attestation certifies the authenticity of your documents, a crucial step for studying, working, or doing business abroad. It’s a testament to the validity of your documents in foreign countries, ensuring seamless international acceptance.

Streamlined Process, Transparent Operations

Our process is designed with your convenience in mind. From initial consultation to delivery of attested documents, we ensure transparency and constant communication. With online tracking and submission options, your attestation journey is hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Timelines vary based on the document type and the required attestation level.

We specialize in attestation for GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, among others.

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and ensure the utmost confidentiality throughout the process.

Document attestation is the process of certifying the authenticity of a document by a recognized authority. It is necessary for various purposes, including international study, employment, business, or immigration, to ensure that the documents are genuine and accepted by foreign entities.

The UAE embassy in Pakistan typically requires the original document intended for attestation, a photocopy of your passport, and any prior attestations (e.g., MOFA, HEC) as applicable. It’s advised to check the latest requirements directly with the embassy as they can change.

For attesting documents for Saudi Arabia, the documents must first be verified and attested by the relevant Pakistani authorities like the HEC for educational documents, followed by MOFA attestation. Subsequently, the documents should be verified by Saudi Culture Attache, and then presented to the Saudi Embassy in Pakistan for final attestation.

General Tips for Document Attestation

Ensure all documents are complete and accurate before submission to avoid delays.

Check the embassy or consulate's website or contact them directly for the most current requirements and procedures, as they can change.

Consider using a reputable attestation service provider to simplify the process, especially if you're dealing with multiple documents or countries.

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