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PPA isn’t just about filling vacancies; we create success stories. With a proven track record of satisfied clients, including global giants and local leaders, we’ve mastered the art of talent placement that propels businesses forward. Our dedication to your success is unmatched, evidenced by our strategic approach to recruitment and our commitment to excellence at every step.

Executive Search

Connect with industry-leading executives. Our rigorous search and selection process ensures you gain leaders who are not just qualified but are a perfect fit for your company's culture and ambitions.

Project Recruitment

PPA offers comprehensive recruitment solutions for projects demanding swift, large-scale talent acquisition. From initial planning to deployment, our team ensures your project is staffed with the best talent on time.

Global Candidate Sourcing

Utilizing an extensive network and advanced technology, PPA sources global talent, matching candidates from around the world to each client's specific needs, ensuring an ideal fit for every role.

Resource as a Service (RaaS)

Enhance your organizational flexibility with our Resource as a Service model. Access a diverse pool of top-tier professionals on demand, scaling your workforce as needed without long-term hiring commitments.

Key Features

Custom-Tailored Strategy

PPA develops strategies specifically designed to address each client’s unique challenges, circumventing issues arising from traditional recruitment models​​.

Pre-Screened Applicant Listings

Utilization of “Most Placeable Candidates” (MPCs) from pre-aggregated talent pipelines, ensuring a quick and efficient match between candidates and client requirements​​.

Remote Video Interviews

Adoption of remote video interview methods, enabling the interview process across multiple locations, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing logistical challenges​​.

Talent Pipelines

Maintaining a list of active, pre-screened applicants interested in the job, streamlining the recruitment process by presenting only relevant candidates to the client​​.

Our Coverage

Our Coverage


Increased Efficiency

The adoption of digital recruitment tools and methods has significantly saved valuable time and costs for companies while increasing hiring process efficiency​​.

Cost Reduction

Achieved through the elimination of operational costs associated with interview campaigns, such as logistics for delegation visits, accommodation, and external advertisement costs​​.

High Interview to Offer Ratio

With a strategy focusing on pre-screened candidates, PPA ensures a higher likelihood of interviews leading to job offers, enhancing the recruitment drive's effectiveness​​.

Client Satisfaction

PPA's approach has led to high client satisfaction, with the technical staffing requirements of large projects being swiftly met, promising continued recruitment support across multiple countries​​.

Reduced Time to Hire

By jumpstarting the recruitment process at the interview scheduling stage, PPA reduces the time-to-hire, ensuring that staffing requirements are met within tight deadlines​​.

Minimized Risk

The ability to remotely cover a wide geographic area for talent acquisition and conduct simultaneous interviews across multiple cities minimizes the risk of unfulfilled staffing requirements​​.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Our Recruitment Process Workflow

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Client Consultation

Understanding client needs, company culture, and specific role requirements through in-depth discussions.

Global Talent Sourcing

Utilizing our extensive networks, databases, and social media to identify potential candidates from around the world.

Interviews & Assessments

Facilitating detailed interviews and evaluations, including technical assessments and soft skill analyses, to ensure candidate suitability.

Reference & Background Checks

Performing thorough background and reference checks to validate candidate credentials and integrity.

Onboarding & Mobilization

Supporting the candidate through onboarding, including visa processing, relocation assistance, and orientation, to ensure a smooth transition.

Strategy Development

Tailoring a recruitment strategy that aligns with the client's objectives, timeline, and budget.

Screening & Shortlisting

Conducting preliminary assessments and interviews to shortlist candidates based on their skills, experience, and fit.

Client Interviews

Arranging interviews between the client and top candidates, providing support and guidance throughout the selection process.

Offer & Negotiation

Assisting in the offer process, handling negotiations on compensation and other terms to ensure a mutual agreement between the client and the candidate.

Follow-Up & Feedback

Conducting post-placement follow-ups with both clients and candidates to gather feedback and ensure satisfaction.


Client Consultation

Understanding client needs, culture, and role requirements through discussions.


Strategy Development

Tailoring recruitment to align with client's objectives, timeline, and budget.


Global Talent Sourcing

Leveraging networks, databases, and social media to identify global candidates.


Screening & Shortlisting

Assessing and interviewing to shortlist candidates based on skills and fit.


Interviews & Assessments

Conducting thorough interviews & assessments to ensure candidate suitability.


Client Interviews

Coordinating client interviews with top candidates, offering guidance and support.


Reference & Background Checks

Conducting rigorous checks.


Offer & Negotiation

Assisting in offer negotiations to ensure mutual agreement on terms.


Onboarding & Mobilization

Supporting the candidate from start till departure, to ensure a smooth transition.


Follow-Up & Feedback

Following up post-placement for feedback and satisfaction from clients and candidates.

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